How does it work?

  1. You place an order and I contact you (via email) to discuss any items that need clarification. For example, flavors of items.
  2. I take a deposit to start the order and charge the balance upon delivery.
  3. You can contact me anytime you think of something else you want added to the order.
  4. I arrange with the villa rental company a time to stock your villa.  Usually while you are in the air.
  5. You decide you want more items after you arrive.
  6. Depending on the order, I can have you restocked in half a day.


Can you deliver to The Westin?

  • Of Course.


How far in advance do I need to order?

  • As much notice as possible is optimal. You can always start an order and add to it as your vacation nears.
  • 10-14 days is best.
  • 7-5 days is average.


What if I don't know the Villa address?

  • When checking out your provisions in the Grocery Store, just keep the box checked for the same ship to address as bill to you just filled out. The most important information is the Villa Name and Arrival Date. I can figure it out from there.


What should I do if I am looking for something I can not find on the website?

  • Send me an email or call. There are many things available not mentioned on the web page.


I am traveling with a baby, can you help with these items?

  • Of course, just let me know specifics and I will cost it out and get right back to you. I can even suggest baby gear rentals.


Are groceries this costly?

  • I am afraid so. St. John is a small island where everything is shipped in (not much grows in this climate). Therefor we pay premium prices, especially for perishables.


It's a special occasion and I want to surprise someone?

  • I'm all for it, be in touch. Let me know what you are thinking and I will get to work.