Visit the online grocery store and fill your cart. Check out, we accept Visa/MasterCard, and charge just a deposit to begin with.  After we receive your order, I will confirm the order and answer any questions, if there are any. Your balance is charged on your arrival day allowing for any changes or additional items to your order.
From the total grocery bill, we charge 20% for Shopping & Delivery. Even though there is not a minimum order amount, there is a minimum Shopping and Delivery of $50. Making your grocery bill close to 250$ or more is the way to to get the most of the service.
Yes! That's it! For 20% of your grocery total - someone shops, bags, carts, delivers and puts away all of your groceries and beverages! What a great start to vacation!
Certain Areas have an extra charge:


$30 to Coral Bay / Ajax Peak


$25 to Mamey Peak


$20 to Bourdeaux Mountain


$15 to Cathrineberg


$15 to Peter Bay


$100 to St. Thomas